PRIDE for EVERYONE EVERYWHERE! Lead by sharing LGBTQIA identity with GAY1ST & G1. I'm personally, professionally & politically GAY! The Respect for Marriage Act becoming law gives cause, merit & reason to secure ALL LGBTQIA+ rights & protections. In addition to the Equality Act, I also PROPOSE a Constitutional ammendment(s) for RATIFICATION as a guarantee of those civil rights. Dignity, Respect & Equality for ALL!

GAY1ST/G1 is a blunt reaction & bold response to "Dont Say Gay! It's about leading with the point of the spear. The political, WEDGE issue strategy is to turn the play around. Push back with LGBTQIA+ identity 1st. BE OUT & ABOUT. BE LOUD & PROUD. GayPride is about BEING OUT! I respond to "Dont Say Gay" by PROCLAIM​ING, "I'm GAY!" PRIDE is about sharing with EVERYONE EVERYWHERE! 

How do I respond to "Don't say GAY!"? My answer is, "I'm GAY!" The original title of this page was OUT! Considering the escalating LGBTQIA+, right wing, wedge issues and politically correct language, it was clear that OUT was definitely "out of style." GAY is definitely current and much more provocative.  So, here I am OUT of the closet personally, professionally & politically as GAY! FYI: I've always been OUT. It's not fresh or new information. Unfortunately, I must be explicit to be politically correct for both the far left and far right. No room for class, discretion, goodtaste or subtlety in this Presidential campaign!


GAY1ST & G1?

In April 2019, I decided to run OUT. For most of my adult life, I have been OUT. It's not a secret. To run a closeted campaign would be outrageously obscene considering my obvious orientation Odyssey.