Michael Soetaert is the first openly GAY candidate for United States Senate representing Kansas. He is also a LGBTQIA activist & advocate for the Equality Act, GAY1ST/G1 & Respect for Marriage Act. Mike is a GAY DEMOCRAT who believes in DIGNITY, RESPECT & EQUALITY FOR ALL! 

Voters in KANSAS simply didn't want to have LIFE being legislated & regulated in Topeka & Washington D.C.! Respect or reverence for LIFE weren't the fundamental issue. It was entirely about personal liberty. That’s why 60 percent of KANSAS voted 100% NO! I honor & respect their decision.


I'm a compassionate constitutional conservative. I support the 2nd Amendment. I also support renewing the Assault Weapons Ban, 1994-2004, mass shootings went down 43%. After it expired, mass shootings tripled. Let's ban assault weapons now & pass common sense gun laws immediately!

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

~President Dwight Eisenhower 

Ever since the 1960's, the average pay of everyday Americans has been dropping lower and lower. CEOs used to make 30x their workers' pay, now it's nearly 300x. Why settle for just $15hr when our American workers deserve $25? Money is the blood of an economy. Like our bodies, that blood needs to be circulating.

Our environment has a direct impact on our health, and our children's health. The message is loud and clear that we must work to end corporate pollution & protect planet Earth. By doing so, we not only create a healthy environment, but also good paying American careers & professions.​ CLIMATE CHANGE = GREEN NEW DEAL.


Michael Soetaert knows that access to​ a superb K-12 education shouldn’t depend on a zip code & that the cost of higher education shouldn’t obstruct professional potential. He promotes universal Pre-K & healthy, nutritional programs promising that all children get a fair start. Supporting teachers & schools with required resources is essential to cultivating & nurturing academic & scholastic excellence.


Mike believes that college isn’t for everyone. Apprenticeships, 

trade schools & vocational training can prepare all American citizens for a post pandemic career. Anyone who wants to attend a vocational school, community college or university, should be granted scholarships, free tuition or student loan forgiveness. These programs will make credentials possible for everyone everywhere.


Agriculture: Protecting Kansas Farms & Ranches!

KANSAS is one of the nation’s leading agricultural producers. We need leaders like Michael Soetaert who will defend farmers & ranchers in Washington. He believes that we need consistent policies that promote equity and accommodate the uncertainty our farmers deal with and the diversity of our state’s products.

As one of the most productive states in the nation, Kansas is home to a significant number of historic farming & ranching families who are critical to the agricultural economy.


Agriculture: Growing the Kansas Economy! Michael Soetaert believes that we should level the playing field for all farmers by expanding access to capital for equipment and financial resources and ending discriminatory policies at the federal level that limit opportunities. Michael Soetaert will lift up OUR state's voice on the agricultural committee putting farming & ranching families 1st. He's on TEAM KANSAS & playing for The United States of America. Mike puts Country, America & Kansas before political party &

partisan propaganda.


Health Care: The Right To Access Affordable, Quality Care

Michael Soetaert’s belief in affordable health care comes from his understanding of the dignity of human beings and his confidence that courageous, principled leaders can stand up to special interests and make our health care system work better for all. That’s why he’s rejecting corporate PAC money: he knows that insurance and pharmaceutical companies have had their say in Washington. He is an advocate for Medicaid expansion.


Medicaid expansion is key to keeping rural hospitals open, making health care accessible and affordable to those who need it most, and improving treatment for victims of addiction. While partisan state actors refuse to take action, Mike will lead the effort in the Senate to expand access to quality, affordable care for all Kansans. Not too long ago, our state’s elected leaders did everything they could to overturn the Affordable Care Act and take away health care protections for millions of Kansans — in the middle of a pandemic.


Mike is committed to continue to fight back against efforts to dismantle the law’s protections for the more than 1.8 million Kansans with pre-existing conditions and provisions allowing anyone under the age of 26 to remain on their parent’s insurance. He is committed to expanding affordable access to health care, including through a public option and early Medicare buy-in. Health care decisions are deeply personal, which is why he will never support efforts to take private insurance from those that want to retain it.


With Kansans facing the skyrocketing costs of critical prescription drugs like insulin, Michael Soetaert believes solutions, like allowing the federal government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies on the prices seniors are charged for life-saving medication, will ease this moral crisis. He understands that too often Kansans are forced to choose between paying for prescription drugs or putting food on the table, and he believes the system that makes such a choice necessary is completely corrupt.


OUR core values are CIVIL RIGHTS hand in hand with HEALTH & SAFETY 1ST. DIGNITY, RESPECT & EQUALITY FOR ALL & vanquishing the virus with a vengeance are OUR top priorities. OUR political WEDGE strategy targets: GAYS, GUNS & GOD aka LGBTQIA rights, GUN LAWS & PRO-LIFE ISSUES!


I am running FOR the great state of Kansas. I'm not running against any other Kansan. It's time for ALL GOOD KANSANS to come to the aid of their COUNTRY. Let's UNITE TOGETHER as good Kansans, Patriotic Americans & responsible global citizens. KANSAS 1ST, COUNTRY 1ST & AMERICA 1ST!